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Learning from a trained professional about topics like gender-affirming care and LGBTQ+ health is more important than ever. 


"Signey Olson is an exceptional educator

who actively engages her students. Signey's facilitates active reflection and integration of materials presented. Signey creates dynamic environments for learning and student growth by challenging her students to engage in critical thinking and reflection. Signey's teaching style is grounded in concepts of health equity, and radical inclusivity."

Christina Marea | Certified Nurse Midwife 




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Weight Stigma/Weight Bias

Gender-Affirming Hormones
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LGBTQ+ Health

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Recent Speaking Engagements

“Addressing Weight Bias in Medicine Through Weight-Neutral Counseling” (virtual)

Stanford School of Medicine's Medicine and the Muse Program, 2021


“Prenatal & Fertility Care: Strategies for Pregnancy Planning” (virtual)

2GU Womxn’s Alliance Network Discussion Series, 2021


“Supporting LGBQ+ & Gender-Diverse Individuals: Creating a Welcoming Academic Environment” (virtual)

University at Buffalo’s Department of Nursing, 2021

“Fertility Options for Gender-Diverse Families” (CME; virtual)

Georgetown University School of Medicine Office of Diversity and Inclusion, 2021 

“Fertility Options for Gender-Diverse Families” (CME; virtual)

Georgetown University School of Medicine Office of Diversity and Inclusion, 2021 

“Weight Bias & Healthcare: We Can Do Better” (CME; virtual)
2021 ACNM National Conference

“APRN Care of the Individual Experiencing Infertility” (virtual)

“APRN Care of the Individual with PCOS” (virtual)

Yale University School of Nursing, 2020, 2021

“Queer Family Building Through A Social Justice Lens”

Whitman Walker Health Lecture Series, 2021

“Weight Stigma & Fatphobia: Are We Practicing Evidence Based Care?” (CME; virtual)

2020 ACNM Inclusion Conference

“Fertility 101: Beginning the Process of Assisted Reproductive Technology & Family Building” 

Rainbow Families Annual Conference, Presenter, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 


“Options for LGBTQ+ Family Building”

Rainbow Families Maybe Baby Series, 2017-2021 

“Navigating LGBTQ+ Health Needs: Bias, Gender & the Future of Midwifery” (CME)

2019 Midwifery Forward Conference: PA ACNM, Presenter, Wilson College

Webcast development
“Infertility Diagnosis & Management”, “Transgender/Nonbinary Care,”

“PCOS Management”, “Art of the Person-Centered Pelvic Exam” 

Georgetown University, Midwifery & Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program, 2018-2019


“Care of the Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Client” (CME)

2019 Virginia Affiliate of ACNM Women’s Health Symposium

“Bodily Autonomy: The Intersections of Fertility & Abortion” 
Sexual Summit Series, Intimate Health Consulting Group, 2017 



"Working with Signey has been one of the most affirming experiences. I feel seen, heard, cared for and celebrated by our interactions.

Emily G | Former Client

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